St. Anthony's High School is located where its students are - in the highly congested part of central Calcutta, near the famous New Market. The school balances our academic nature with support facilities geared to helping our students in their overall development and afford them the best and most complete education possible.


Students are encouraged to cultivate the habit of reading by borrowing books from the school library. We encourage the personal reading habit from the lower classes through high school. Our library stocks books through which students are able to satisfy their curiosity, discover new things, further their information and understanding on subjects part of the curriculum, and, above all; make reading a rewarding, lifelong joy.

Students who lose library books are asked either to replace the same or pay the price of a new book.


The school has an air-conditioned computer laboratory with over twenty terminals, kept updated with latest software, for the students. Assistance is available to make them productive with this essential tool of the modern age, and of course for their curriculum-based instruction.


Along with academics, St. Anthony's encourages physical activities and sport, and has its own basketball court where students can learn basketball skills under the guidance of coaches. Anthonians are avid hoopers and enjoy competing among themselves, as well as with students of other institutions.

Our School basketball court is also a venue for inter school basketball tournaments.