There will be two term end exams and two unit tests conducted this year. Besides the scheduled examinations, other testing and daily assessments also will be given at regular intervals, keeping pupils fully foccused on their academic syllabus.

Reports on general progress will be intimated to the parents during the year. These reports need to be returned to the school authorities signed by the parent or guardian. Parent-Teacher Meetings are organised on students’ evaluations. Parents / Guardians must attend the same whenever called for.


In between the terms, unit tests are held as stated in the School Calendar.

Students are permitted to carry only the Admit Card and writing / drawing requisites into the examination hall.

Communication of any sort or in any form is strictly forbidden between students and any other persons whether inside or outside the examination hall.

In particular, cheating will be dealt with sternly.

If a pupil is found using unfair means in an examination that particular paper will be cancelled and he shall be suspended from appearing for the rest of the papers and will be allotted ZERO in all the papers of the current examination. If a pupil is found persisting in such unfair practices, a Transfer Certificate will be issued without any further notification to those concerned.

A pupil who misses an examination / test may not appear for re-examination / re-test at a later date.

Parents are requested not to send their children for an examination when they are seriously ill or just recovering from an illness. In such cases, the Headmaster should be informed in writing and with evidence.

Answer papers of Half Yearly and Final Term Examinations will be shown to the students after correction and taken back immediately.

An examination in progress