The general performance of the student will be taken into account for promotion. Promotion is granted on the basis of the whole years' work including co-curricular performance. In the case where a repetition of a class is in the interest of the child, parents will be informed and their support requested. The decision of the school authorities with regard to promotion is final.

Classes I - VIII : Total / Maximum Marks in every subject / paper is 100. Pass Mark in every subject / paper is 40.

No promotion is granted if a student :
a) fails (less than 40%) in 1st Language.
b) fails (less than 40%) in more than any three major subjects.
c) General Proficiency is less than 40%.

Class IX & X: Madhyamik criterion for promotions / selections for M. P. will be followed.
Note: 1. The medium of this school is English. Hence obtaining Pass Mark in English as 1st Language is a must)

Major subjects / papers are: 1st Lang. 2nd Lang. Maths, Life Science, Physics, Science, History, Geography and EVS. All other subjects / papers are minor.

For general proficiency, all subjects / papers, major and minor are included.

It is important to do well in all the Terminal Examinations. For unforseen circumstances like serious illness, etc. during Annual Examinations, the terminal examination results may be considered on production of genuine evidence and on the sole discretion of the Headmaster.

A student who fails for two years consecutively in the same class may not be accommodated in the school, at the schools discretion.