St. Anthony's High School admits pupils from Class I. Dates of application for admission are announced on the school notice board, parishes and on this website (under Notices). Some general details and rules of Admission are given below. For other details, announcements of policy are intimated by the school from time to time.

First preference is given to the students of St. Joseph's Nursery & K.G. School, for admission into St. Anthony's Primary School, 19, Market Street, Kolkata - 700 087, provided the date, time, rules and procedures given for admission are maintained.

At the time of admission, the parent must submit to the School Office a declaration in writing stating the child's exact date of birth which must be supported by an authenticated extract from the Registrar of Births (Corporation / Municipality / Gram Panchayat) or, extract from the hospital records showing the date of birth with an affidavit sworn by the parents or guardians of the child before a magistrate. Catholic children are required to produce their Baptismal Certificates at the time of admission. Guardians must produce legal documents of their authenticity as guardians.

A pupil who has attended any recognised school, may be admitted with a Transfer Certificate from the School last attended. If a pupil comes from a school outside the State of West Bengal, the Transfer Certificate must be countersigned by the Inspector of Schools of the State from which the pupil hails.

The exact admission procedure will be announced with the dates of admission for the year in question. Please read the school Prospectus for more details, and check the Applications page.