The St. Anthony's Alumni Association is a dynamic, member-driven group, supporting the social, intellectual, and spiritual needs of all present and future alumni of St. Anthony's High School, and their alma mater.

Our Alumni work towards achieving their mission of advancing the unique needs of alumni, while supporting the school's goals.

We invite all our alumni to keep in contact with their old school, through this website and by joining our official Anthonians Alumni. You can join up online, by following the link on the left.

We need our old Anthonians to join hands with us so that we can do even more for our students, and for the institution - what better way of showing your love for your school than to help other young people to get the best of education, at what will someday be their alma mater!


If you are a well-wisher or old Anthonian, and would like to contribute towards your school by way of a financial donation, please contact the Headmaster through the School office: Phones: +91-33-2264-2667 or +91-33-2265-1530. You can also get in touch through email:

We appreciate your generosity, and encourage you to continue to participate in the development of new Anthonians, in any way, big or small.