Co-curricular activities are of paramount importance in the development of the child into a total integrated personality.
At St. Anthony's we believe that interpersonal relationship skills, confidence, poise and reliability are some of the qualities developed through co-curricular activities. Hence, such activities are an essential part of the school programme, and students are encouraged to be a part of them. The school has four houses – Red (Griffin), Blue (Phoenix), Green (Unicorn) and Yellow (Dragon) – and Inter-House competitions are regularly organised between them.

Our co-curricular programme is intended to help the students spend their leisure time profitably, and such activities may be held in the afternoon or on school holidays in which case the students concerned have to remain / come in after school hours, on occasion. In an effort to relate their learning to life, students are also taken on educational tours and occasional "Live-ins" wherever and whenever appropriate.

The activities include:

  • Drama
  • Debate
  • Elocution
  • Art Competition
  • Talent Development
  • Quiz
  • Games
  • Physical Training
  • Scouts
  • Social Work

The activities are organised by the Anthonian clubs – The Literary Club, The Science Club, The Cultural Club, The Sports Club and The Music Club. In addition to the Clubs there are various Committees that oversee different aspects of the school’s activities.

The Social Service programme of the school requires that some leisure time each month be devoted to actual work with under-privileged members of the society, especially children. Parents are particularly recommended to encourage their children in the implementation of this programme as it is through this service that they appreciate the needs of their country and are moved to a practical response.